Back From Touring

Hi everybody,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I just thought I’d drop in and let you know that I’m back from my tour with Sir Cliff Richard, so if any of you require lesson support via email, you will have my undivided attention – not that you didn’t before, but I’m always closer to my keyboard when I’m not on tour.

I’d also like to extend a warm welcome to our new members. October has seen a record number of signups and we’ve received some great feedback. It really means a lot to us to know that so many of you are enjoying the course.

My tour was so much fun and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of it. I got to play some great venues, including another two nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall, where Cliff and the band were joined on stage by Bonnie Tyler. It was also great to be back in Denmark once again for the final 4 shows of the run.

Anyway, all the best and have a great week,


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