Bobby Harrison ‘T-Dogs’ Signature Telecaster Pickups

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I am honoured to announce that my Hot Rod Pickups ‘T-Dogs’ signature Telecaster pickup set will be available to buy very soon from Eternal Guitars & Hot Rod Pickups. 

Dave Walsh at Eternal Guitars (Chichester, UK) hand-wound this pickup set when he built ‘Summer’, my latest custom T-type. 

Summer became my main guitar on this year’s Cliff Richard tour. The set list spanned 7 decades of music, ranging from pop ballads to hard rock, so I had a good chance to put the guitar and pickups through their paces. 

The T-Dog single coil set is such a great, versatile pickup duo that are equally suited to blues, country and rock players.

Switch to the bridge position, roll your guitar’s volume up, crank up the gain on your amp and the single coil has all the output and grit of an overwound P90, almost going into humbucker territory. Roll the volume pot back a few notches and you retain that traditional Tele twang. The middle pickup position sounds punchy and funky; and the neck pickup is smooth and bluesy.

Check out the video demo of the pickups and guitar.

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