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Welcome to our website! I can’t tell you how good it feels to type these words. This project was a long time in the making, for both myself and Absolute Blues’ very own web developer, Sarah Cox. One day, I’m sure we’ll sit down and calculate just how many hundreds of hours went into launching this course (Edit: *coughs* thousands! – SC), but for now, we’re extremely proud just to have it exist and to know that right now, you are visiting our live site.

So, once again, welcome to our website. Less than a handful of people close to Sarah and myself were aware of this impending project, prior to launch. We wanted to keep things under wraps until everything was as perfect as we could make it.

Sarah worked tirelessly, designing and coding the website from the ground up, testing and re-testing like the true perfectionist she is, in order to provide you with a fun and effortless experience. Everything you see here, from the site’s appearance to the intricate membership system is a result Sarah’s very own custom programming. A lot of care went into the site’s build and we feel that it shows. The result is a clean and neat user interface where the primary focus is on the student’s learning experience.

Filming, teaching, editing and transcribing the content was my job. Those who know me well will know how self-critical I can be, but when it came to the making of this course, I can truly say that and I am so proud of every lesson I produced. During the site’s filming, I found myself caught on a wave of inspiration in which I managed to capture myself on something of a creative roll. Of course, I had a very detailed plan of what I wanted to teach, but as each video shoot unfolded, I kept discovering new ideas that I wanted to present alongside the original lesson plans, essentially doubling the educational content.

If I had to go back and film each lesson again, even if I played the same notes and spoke the same words, I would not have been as pleased with the end result as I am now.

So, what is Absolute Blues Guitar? Quite simply, Absolute Blues Guitar is a truly immersive online guitar course, committed to making you a better blues guitarist.

As well as learning hundreds of great blues licks, solos and rhythm guitar styles, you will learn how to improvise and play with true expression and feel.

Whatever your level, our course offers hundreds of video lessons, covering decades of classic blues, from T-Bone Walker to Stevie Ray Vaughan and everything in between.

In addition to learning classic blues styles such as Chicago and Texas blues, jump blues, slide guitar and slow blues, we cover other blues-influenced styles such as rock ’n’ roll, southern rock, blues-rock and even jazz-blues.

Everything we teach is broken down note-for-note and written out in either tab and standard notation or in the form of fretboard diagrams. We also offer hundreds of downloadable backing tracks in a variety of grooves and keys for you to play along with, allowing you to hone your skills in a realistic, jam-like setting.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced player looking to add a bluesy feel to your playing, we offer a complete, step by step blues guitar course with absolutely nothing missing.

Take a look around and try out some of our free lessons. Take as much time as you need. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. If you’ve already signed up, we’re proud to have you on board. Again, if ever you need our help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again, thank you. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.



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