String Theory

Which guitar strings should I use? Hi everyone, I am often asked about guitar strings: What gauge would I recommend? Which brand do I prefer? How often should a set be changed? I figured it was about time I shared some of my observations on what I have come to know about guitar strings during … continue reading »

Free 40 Minute Blues Guitar Lesson With Tab

Hi everybody,  We’ve uploaded an exclusive lesson to our YouTube channel.  “15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks” is a 100% FREE, in depth blues guitar lesson with on-screen tab. In this tutorial, we will learn 15 licks in the context of a 12 bar blues solo over a shuffle groove in the good old-fashioned key of … continue reading »

How Good Do I Need To Be?

A question musicians often ask themselves is “How good do I need to be?” Think about that phrase for a minute. It’s one of those scary, bottomless questions to which there really isn’t a definitive answer. In our lifetime as musicians, many of us never grow complacent with our progress or simply consider ourselves good … continue reading »

How Do You Play Guitar With Feel?

What is feel? In the most general sense, feel is essentially a musician’s ability to connect with the listener on an emotional level. The resulting emotion can vary from excitement, to sadness and even to tension (especially if we like to play those crunchy outside notes). In terms of lead guitar, feel can best be … continue reading »

Welcome To Absolute Blues Guitar!

Welcome to our website! I can’t tell you how good it feels to type these words. This project was a long time in the making, for both myself and Absolute Blues’ very own web developer, Sarah Cox. One day, I’m sure we’ll sit down and calculate just how many hundreds of hours went into launching … continue reading »

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