New ‘Slowdown’ And ‘Skip’ Features

Hello everybody, We hope you’re having a great summer. I thought I’d write a quick message to let our members know that we’ve added a few new features to our video player, in order to enhance your learning experience at Absolute Blues Guitar. Firstly, members looking to nail that tricky passage can now slow down … continue reading »

TAB For “15 Essential Blues Licks”

Hi everybody, Hope you’re having a great month. We’ve had a few messages recently, asking for the tabs to our free “15 Essential Blues Licks” tutorial on YouTube. This tutorial isn’t actually on the site, since it was made after launch in order to promote the course.  The YouTube video features on-screen tab. However, if … continue reading »

Slide Guitar Lessons

Hi everybody, Hope you had a great weekend. I’ve received a few messages lately asking whether we feature slide guitar lessons on Absolute Blues Guitar. The answer is a resounding yes. Level 4 features a huge, 19 part tutorial on the art of slide guitar. It’s effectively a course within a course, covering fundamental techniques … continue reading »

Take Your Pick

For the past year, I have been using Hawk Picks exclusively. Rob Edney from Hawk Picks in Manchester UK, makes bespoke, handmade guitar and mandolin picks that are extremely hard-wearing, vastly outlasting regular, plastic picks. Not only that, but they sound great, tonally. Seriously – Never underestimate the difference a good pick makes to your … continue reading »

Bobby Harrison ‘T-Dogs’ Signature Telecaster Pickups

Hi everybody, Hope you’re having a great week. I am honoured to announce that my Hot Rod Pickups ‘T-Dogs’ signature Telecaster pickup set will be available to buy very soon from Eternal Guitars & Hot Rod Pickups.  Dave Walsh at Eternal Guitars (Chichester, UK) hand-wound this pickup set when he built ‘Summer’, my latest custom … continue reading »

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