Slide Guitar 1 – The Fundamentals Of Electric Slide Guitar – Open E Tuning (part 1)

Like our slow blues series of lessons, this definitive slide guitar series is effectively a complete course within a course.

Over the coming lessons, we will learn a wealth of slide guitar licks and techniques. We will cover all of the fundamental muting and vibrato techniques found in slide playing, as well as many great blues solos in Open E, G, A and D tunings. Additionally, we will learn licks and soloing ideas for regular standard tuning slide.

These lessons are a must for anybody looking to add slide playing to their list of guitar skills.

Open tunings for slide guitar are extremely common, since they allow us to tune the open strings to a chord. We begin by learning how to tune our guitar to open E tuning (E B E G# B E), before discussing the various types of slide available, how to wear the slide and the differences between using a pick and bare fingers to pluck the strings.

Please note: Tab is not available for these slide lessons. In my experience, it’s incredibly difficult to lean to play slide guitar from written examples, since, like singing, so much of the style is based on using your ear. Written tablature for slide guitar rarely represents the intended sound and is notoriously tricky to write accurately.

However, as always, everything is broken down note-for-note and explained as thoroughly as possible. Thanks to the convenience of open tunings, the slide itself is often moved back and forth between just two frets at a time. Therefore, by using your eyes and ears, you should easily be able to follow these lessons.



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